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Posted by Paul on Jan 20th 2022

Unlike their short-lived counterparts, perennials are typically cold-hardy plants that will return again in the spring. They usually bloom for only one season each year (either spring, summer, or fall), but there are also reblooming and long-blooming perennials. When grown in favorable conditions, perennials often live a long time, but don’t assume they will last forever. Their life span is variable, and some may live for only three to five… Read more

Posted by Paul on Jan 18th 2022

Winter is probably the easiest time of year to kill a houseplant. Grueling growing conditions like lower light levels, dry air, shorter days and chilly temperatures put houseplants through the paces. The secret to helping plants survive winter is adjusting care routines to suit seasonal growing conditions. Review the basics to give your houseplants top-notch care this winter. Light In winter, the sun slips lower in the sky and light leve… Read more

Posted by Paul on Jan 1st 2022

A well-designed perennial garden can provide many years of beauty and enjoyment. Careful selection of plant material and thoughtful planning will result in a full season of color.Perennials often require less maintenance than most annual flowers. Once established, they generally require less water and have fewer pest problems than annuals.Perennial gardens may serve as a border along a fence or property line, easing the maintenance and water requ… Read more

Posted by Paul on Dec 24th 2020

Call us biased, but we think every garden should include grasses. We know some don’t, but we’re working on it. Call us crazy, or lazy, but y’know what else we think? We think gardeners and landscapers should leave grasses right where they are in fall. Let ‘em stand. Ignore them while you do other cleanup chores.Ornamental Grasses provide movement, interest and sound even in winter, even when dormant, just as they did all summer. Stan… Read more

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