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US Hardiness Zones

Below is a map of Hardiness Zones for helping you choose the best plants for your garden, as determined by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. When ordering, you can determine if the item will be winter hardy in your area by checking the Zone information on the item's description page. 

This map serves as a rough guide for the Santa Rosa Gardens shipping schedule. Each spring as products become available, we ship orders at the right planting time for each zone, once the threat of frost has been minimized. We start with the warmest zones (8-10) and work our way to the cooler zones as spring arrives. 



When is your last frost?

 Your Zone      Your Lowest Temperature (F)      Your Last Frost Free Date    
 10  30 to 40+  February
 9  20 to 30  Early March
 8  10 to 20  Early April
 7  0 to 10  Late April
 6  -10 to 0  Mid May
 5  -20 to -10  Late May
 4  -30 to -20  Early June
 3  -40 to -30  Mid June