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What's The Rush? Brown is a color.

What's The Rush? Brown is a color.

Call us biased, but we think every garden should include grasses. We know some don’t, but we’re working on it. 

Call us crazy, or lazy, but y’know what else we think?

We think gardeners and landscapers should leave grasses right where they are in fall. Let ‘em stand. Ignore them while you do other cleanup chores.

Ornamental Grasses provide movement, interest and sound even in winter, even when dormant, just as they did all summer. Standing proudly through a blanket of snow, they give gardeners something to rest their eyes on. They provide birds with welcome shelter against wind and predators.

Come early spring, go ahead – chop them down. Those dormant roots will soon stir from their winter slumber and rouse themselves to lush life again.

Too late this year? Oh, well. Fall will come again, bringing with it a new opportunity to do… nothing! 

Dec 24th 2020 Paul