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You Got The Right Stuff, Baby!

You Got The Right Stuff, Baby!

Calamagrostis xacutiflora 'Karl Foerster'

When choosing grasses, planting the right stuff, at the right time, makes you look downright brilliant. And choosing the right genus is absolute genius.

For a remarkable number of sites and situations, Calamagrostis is more than a good choice, it's a smart move. A superstar of the genus, 'Karl Foerster', is no "new kid on the block". It's famous worldwide for its beauty, adaptability, and ease of culture.

'Karl Foerster' is not merely a good plant, it's a great one. For finished pot performance, striking vertical accent, and perpetual motion, it's unbeatable. The lustrous, deep green foliage thrives in so many settings, and with so little fuss, it's a grower's easy choice.

Call it by its nickname, "feather reed grass" if you like. We're all friends here. The sturdy upright habit and graceful feathery plumes work as solo accents in small borders but are most effective in numbers, from modest masses to epic sweeps.

Feb 7th 2024 Paul