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Infertile Miscanthus sinensis

Infertile Miscanthus sinensis
From the breeding wizardry of North Carolina State University and the team at Darwin Perennials, we offer two stellar grasses that have a unique advantage: They're infertile - functionally sterile - so you won't need to block any pesky pop-ups. Miscanthus sinensis Bandwidth™ Will Bandwidth™ magically endow the garden with Wi-Fi? Probably not, but the broad bands of bright gold on its stiff, upright blades guarantee great garden and retail reception. No other ornamental grass crams more gold bars into such a small space. Rising just 3' at maturity, the rich green foliage is heavily cross-hatched for a compact and dazzling sunlit display. It's the perfect hotspot for mid-border or container. Like its statuesque counterpart below, Bandwidth™ is hardy for Zones 5-10. Miscanthus sinensis High Frequency™ Standing taller and also functionally sterile, the gracefully arching blades of High Frequency¬™ grow upright columns to 5'. Gold bands accent the lush green, rust-resistant foliage. Makes a superb focal point for showy, sunny locations. Get connected with great breeding.
Feb 6th 2024 Paul