Our Plants

Santa Rosa Gardens offers BOTH plug trays and 3-packs of plants. You'll find these on our website by filtering By Size


Our 3-packs are designed for potting into containers and finishing prior to planting in the landscape. They are also great for patio planters and outdoor containers. We recommend planting into our economical and earth-friendly Root Pouches.


Due to varied growing conditions and grower expertise, we cannot guarantee your plants if planted directly into the landscape.

The rootball size of your plants will vary by type, but will range from 2.25" to 3.75" in height. These plants are carefully packaged, but we do NOT include pots, so you'll need to care for your plants accordingly. One ID tag is provided per plant variety.



For most plant varieties, we use clamshell "mini-greenhouses" to pack and ship our 3-packs of plants. The "mini-greenhouse" protects the plant from drying out during shipping, holds the soil tight, and keeps the foliage tidy and neat during transit.

  • made from recycled PET material
  • have at least 90% recycled content
  • are 100% recyclable


Our plug trays are targeted for the horticultural industry: Greenhouse Growers, Nurseries, Landscapers, Farmer's Markets and experienced growers/gardeners. Proper care of plants beyond delivery is the responsibility of the grower.


We specialize in perennial plants with a few annuals and tender perennials thrown in. Among our selections, you'll find ornamental grasses, succulents, shrubs, aquatics, ferns and shade plants, groundcovers, lawn substitutes, and lots of pollinator friendly flowers.

Each plug, or cell, varies in size depending on the number per tray. We offer trays of 21-, 38-, 36-, 50-, 72- and 128-plugs. Our trays are all an industry standard 10" x 20" market tray.

Santa Rosa Gardens offers very economical retail pricing for volume plant purchases by the full plug tray. We also offer wholesale pricing for those in the trade.

Our published prices include any and all patent fees and royalty fees associated with patented items. Each tray comes with one (1) id tag.




21 cell tray (larger ornamental grass varieties)

Depth: 3.875” × Width: 2.75”
Volume (max. dry) cubic inches: 15.38

38 cell tray (ornamental grass, hosta, daylily, iris, fern)

Depth: 3.02” × Width: 2.24”
Volume (max. dry) cubic inches: 7.69

50 cell tray (carex, groundcover grasses, fern, anemone, buddleia, sempervivum, some perennial) 

Depth: 2.31” × Width: 1.875”
Volume (max. dry) cubic inches: 4.64

72 cell tray (most perennial plants, few ornamental grasses)

Depth: 2.35” × Width: 1.625”
Volume (max. dry) cubic inches: 4.02

128 cell tray (specialty production items)

Depth: 2.375” × Width: 1.125”
Volume (max. dry) cubic inches: 1.983