Why Use Root Pouches?

Healthier plants start with Root Pouch!


Benefits Of Using Root Pouches Over Plastic Pots

Unlike traditional plastic pots, fabric pots allow water, air and nutrients to flow through its structure freely. This allows the plant roots to take up plenty of oxygen and allows them to breathe efficiently to nourish the plant.

What Are Root Pouches Made From?

Root Pouches are degradable fabric plant pots, made from 100% recycled materials - mostly recycled water bottles!. They are washable, durable and reusable (plus BPA free and UV resistant!) making them great for both your plants and the environment.



Plant your Root Pouch with 1 to 6 plants from Santa Rosa Gardens, depending on plant variety and Root Pouch size (Boxer, Joey, Jill). We recommend using three (3) perennial plugs or one (1) ornamental grass plug per "Boxer" Root Pouch. Use one (1) plug per "Joey" Root Pouch. Use from three (3) to six (5) succulents or perennials in your "Jill" Root Pouch.

Growers/Gardeners often choose to grow in containers when space for a traditional soil garden is limited or has undesirable traits like little sun or poor soil. When space is limited and your garden needs to be ‘contained’ it is important to remember that just because space is limited doesn’t mean that your growing options have to be. Root Pouch fabric containers are perfect for the urban/ home grower.

Better for the plant...Better for the planet!