What's wrong with these plants?

Probably nothing. And here's why...

Roots are What's Important

You’ve made your plant selections based on the showy parts: The beautiful flowers, the handsome foliage, the elegant form and growth habit.

But a key element of your purchase is the part only you get to see: The roots. Like a sturdy house, a healthy plant needs a sound foundation.

Don’t fret over a bruised leaf or bent stem. The plant will replace those. What you’re really buying is roots. Start with good roots, and all else will follow and flourish. And you get the satisfaction of watching it come proudly into its own.

Where's the foliage? (Dormant Plants)

Most perennial plants go into a state of dormancy, or winter rest, as a result of the cold temperatures and shorter daylight hours of winter. These sleeping plants lose their stems and leaves and are dormant, not dead! They will re-grow from their roots with the arrival of spring. 

Please handle dormant plants carefully. You’ll likely see little-to-no top growth when the plants arrive – that's normal and not a cause for concern.