Infertile Pennisetums that won’t reseed!

Infertile Pennisetums that won’t reseed!

Looking for long-flowering Pennisetums that won’t reseed? We’ve curated a deliciously delightful collection of P. alopecuroides that appeal to any palette. Hailing from the acclaimed ornamental grass program at the University of Georgia, new, infertile fountain grass varieties like these benefit everyone from the grower to the gardener.

‘Hush Puppy’™ (‘Tift PA5’) PPAF has long-lasting pink plumes that spray high over rounded mounds of slender foliage. This variety reaches about 30 inches tall.

‘Jambalaya’™ grows in a lovely mounded habit to about 38 inches tall. It produces large, long-lasting blooms from late spring to mid-fall.

‘Etouffee’™ blooms with soft brown plumes from late spring to mid-fall, reaching 42 inches tall. It forms a lovely mound that’s excellent in containers and landscapes alike.

‘Praline’™ PPAF features lovely soft taupe, gently upright seed heads above mounds of slender, arching green leaves.

Great in full to partial sun, these Pennisetums are hardy in Zones 5 to 9.

Aug 11th 2019

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