Miscanthus sinensis Gold Bar (38)

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One Tray - 38 Plants
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  • Miscanthus sinensis Gold Bar (38)
  • Miscanthus sinensis Gold Bar (38)
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From Joy Creek Nursery, 'Gold Bar' is a Mini-Me of 'Strictus'. Aside from its diminutive dimensions and vertical form, the most striking feature of 'Gold Bar' is its extraordinary variegation. Grass maven Dave Babikow, Santa Rosa Gardens founder, jokingly calls it "Green Bar" -- because each blade has so much gold crosshatching, it's almost a golden leaf with green highlights. It's got more gold bars than Fort Knox. 'Gold Bar' is probably the slowest-growing Miscanthus, and paradoxically, that's an asset. We've yet to see it grow taller than 3', though some say it "eventually" reaches 5'. Hence, it'll stay content in its assigned space for years. In containers, alone or mixed, it really shines.

Tray Size: 38 plants

Common Name: Compact Zebra Grass

USDA Hardiness Zone: 6 - 9

Height at Maturity: 60 inches

Plume-Seedhead Color: Purple

Exposure: Full Sun

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