A Succulent Wedding

Weddings and succulents are a match made in heaven. Although succulents may not be traditional wedding plants, they have been a favorite among stylish brides and grooms for some time now. 


Succulents come in a plethora of shapes, colors, and sizes. They bring earthy texture and a modern vibe to the wedding event. Succulents can show up in everything from flower crowns and boutonnieres to favors and centerpieces. Stylish succulents have taken the wedding world by storm.


Succulents also make cute wedding cake toppers!


Thanks to their long lifespan, potted succulent escort cards can double as plant wedding favors that'll remind guests of your celebration for years to come. 


Looking for a more masculine take on a floral boutonnière? Substitute traditional blooms for a tiny bundle of succulents to lend a unique accent to your groom's look. 


Succulents will provide unique and amazing wedding day memories from your soirée long after it's over.